Latest Products Latest Products Tue, 21 Jan 2020 09:11:25 +0530 en-us Geared Motor Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 SHREE SHAKTI Geared Motors are designed to provide a most efficient, economical and compact drive for low speed applications. It is a most compact drive for low speed applications.It is a most compact combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a gear box (helical, worm or epicyclic) converting the high speed of the prime mover to low speed with maximum efficiency. These units are manufactured under the supervision of trained, personel, with strict quality control, and with latest technical know how.SHREE SHAKTI Geared Motors and Gear Boxes are available in single, double, triple and quadruple reductions. Combination gear units such as Heliworm, Hollow Shaft etc., are also manufactured. They are available in foot, foot cum flange, agitator type of mountings. The opposite page illustrates some of these designs.The motor body, end covers, gear boxes are manufactured from close grained cast iron. All the gears and pinions are made out of top grade special alloy steels, which are heat treated and lapped for long life and silent running. The ball/roller bearings used are of good quality and are suitable for heavy duty application. The input and output shafts are of high quality steel. For low speeds, the motor shaft has integral pinion and the shaft is made out of special alloy steel.The Electric Motor is designed for trouble free, economical performance. It seals off the input side of the gear box. Normally it is totally enclosed, fan cooled, continuously rated, Class B insulation operating on 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A.C. supply as per I.S :325. Class F or H insulation, IP 55 enclosures etc. can be offered. Adopta Gear Boxes Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 ADOPTA GEAR BOXES are Helical Inline Gear Boxes, designed to mount flange type I.E.C. Standard Electric Motors. Inline Helical Gear Boxes shown here are suitable for coupling to I.E.C. standard motors, foot ,mounting, for the capacity refer to standard GEARED MOTORS. “ADOPTA GEAR BOXES are also available having input & output shaft suitable for Coupling to foot mounted Electric Motors or Prime motors”. Rotary Vibrators Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 SHAKTI ENGINEERS are presenting a new series of ROTARY VIBRATORS to meet the requirements of various industries, where in material handling plays a major role.SHREE SHAKTI VIBRATORS help to empty, ventilate, dose, remove dust, dehydrate, convey, loosen, mix, test, clean screen, classify, compact, distribute, feed etc. These vibrators therefore have a very wide application in following industries + Mining + Fertilizer + Power Stations + Foundries + Chemical Industry + Pharmaceuticals + Foodstuff etc.SHREE SHAKTI VIBRATORS are suitable for mounting on Construction Machines, Bin and Storage silo, Plants, Dehydration Screens, Vibrating Feeders and Tables, Conveyors, Molds and Form work, Surface finishing machines, Crushers, Rammers and many other applications.SHREE SHAKTI ROTARY VIBRATORS are totally enclosed, surface cooled units operating on 400/440 volts 3 phase, 50 cycles, A.C.Supply. The vibrating frequency depends on the revolutions of the rotary unit. You can choose from four ranges available viz : 2800, 1400, 900, 700, vibrations per minute.The amplitude of these vibrations is between 2 mm to 4 mm and the Centrifugal Force can be adjusted from maximum to zero by manipulating the relative positions of the eccentric weights provide on either end. Various models are available giving a wide choice of Centrifugal Force, Frequency of Vibration, Mounting Position, Insulation etc. The customer is therefore assured of getting the most suitable vibrator to meet his requirements. When used as a single unit, they impart circular vibrations. If directional vibrations are needed.Two vibrators running in the opposite direction should be used.SALIENT FEATURES Sturdy and robust construction. Heavy duty bearings for long trouble free service. Totally enclosed construction keeps dust, dirt away from windings. Low noise as compared to electromagnetic vibrators. Centrifugal Force can be-adjusted infinitely from zero to maximum. Amplitude of vibration can be controlled. Low maintenance due to absence of belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets etc. Mechanical ConstructionThe vibrator body, end shields are of robust design and the made out of graded cast iron. The material for shafts is alloy steel of ample size to transmit the rated vibratory forces. The ball / roller bearings used are heavy duty to give a long trouble free performance. The total design of SHREE SHAKTI ROTARY VIBRATORS is aimed at obtaining MAXIMUM VIBRATIONS WITH MINIMUM POWER.The protection class is IP 44 (totally enclosed construction) The windings consist of super enameled copper wires, slot and phase insulation, varnish etc. as specified for “B” class Special Purpose VibratorsWe also undertake the manufacture of ROTARY VIBRATORS for verticals mounting, special protection class IP 55 (Hose proof), special class of insulation (F.H.) etc.Precautions :In order to be able to choose the proper sense of revolution, not only the force of vibration but also the output of the vibrator has to be taken into consideration. If no special calculation is made for the vibrator, the temperature of the vibrator must be checked during the first hour of operation. The outward temperature of the vibrator must not exceed 800C . If the Temperature becomes higher than 800C due to overload, either the setting for Centrifugal Force should be brought down or a much powerful vibrator has to be used. In order to avoid overload. It is necessary to mount a thermal circuit breaker, which can be supplied at extra cost. Since the temperature sensing elements are to be embedded in the winding itself, the order for this overload protection has to be given long with the vibrator.Securing the VIBRATOR :The Vibrator should be fixed to a well faced plate with high tensile bolts of adequate size and secured tightly by means of nuts and lock washers. These nuts should be tightened for the first time after about four working hours of the vibrator. Further checks are to be made every week. A complete fasteners kit can be supplied with the vibrator at an extra cost. Vibro Separators Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 VIBRO-SEPERATORS for wet or dry separationSHREE SHAKTI Vibro Seperator is a screening unit vibrating in three planes along the vertical axis. This is accomplished by a specially designed Vibratory Motor having eccentric weights at the top and bottom ends of the motor shaft. The motor is mounted vertically at the center of the screening assembly on a circular base by means of springs which allow the unit to vibrate freely. The springs absorb the vibrations and prevent them to be transmitted to the floor.Multiplane vibrations of the material are achieved byRotation of the upper weight creates vibrations in the horizontal plane, enabling the material to move across the screen from the center to the periphery. Rotation of the lower weight gives vibrations in the vertical and tangential planes. The relative positions of the upper and lower weights can be manipulated to obtain various screening patterns, thereby achieving maximum production and screening efficiency for a variety of products, may it be wet or dry, fine or coarse, heavy or light etc. SHREE SHAKTI Vibro seperator is suitable for Dry separation – by partical shapes Solid and liquid separation- Dewatering of solid and classification SHREE SHAKTI Vibro Seperator has various advantagesWIDE RANGE :It can handle a wide range of materials, heavy or light, dry or wet, coarse or fine, hot or cold etc. High rate of production can be achieved even with finest powders.MULTIPLE SEPARATION :As many as five screens could be mounted on one separator achieving six sizes.OPTIMUM SPACE/CAPACITY : These separators achieve greater production, separation per unit of screening area as compared with any other screening method or device.POLLUTION FREE/CLEAN OPERATION : The whole operation is very clean and pollution freeMINIMUM BLINDING OF SCREENS :- Due to vibrations in the vertical plane, blinding of screen is minimized. However, for certain materials which have inherent blinding, sticking property, special accessories can be used to eliminate this problem.ADOPTABILITY :The discharge ports could be rotated and are most adoptable to your process needs.LONGER SCREEN LIFE :The screen cloth is held taut uniformly by tension rings. This arrangement enables clean screening, less screen wear and longer screen life.VIBRATION FREE OPERATION :There is no vibrations at the screen base. Even no flooring is needed. You can mount it on bins, upper floors, planks or wherever it is most suited. You can even mount it on castors.LOW ON POWER AND MAINTENANCE / HIGH ON EFFICIENCY : The design enables to utilize the vibratory force generated by the motor to the optimum and very few moving parts reduce the maintenance to minimum. Vibro Spiral Elevator Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 SHAKTI ENGINEERS have now started manufacturing SPIRAL ELEVATORS which so far are not so popular in India. The main advantage of spiral elevators is that it can convey powders, small parts, vertically without occupying valuable space. In a way it helps you to expand vertically.Many functions are carried out by these Elevators : To carry the material vertically within shortest available space. Wet material fed at the bottom can be dry when it reaches the delivery point. In many a process, big area is occupies for drying the material. Re Cycling of material. In pulverizing process, at the output certain fineness of powder is necessary. You can re-feed the bigger particles, after sieving to the pulverize, automatically. Thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire operation. This is just one example of the benefits of a Spiral Elevator.Please contact us for these items along with your problems. We hope we will definitely find a solution. Our other products are Vibratory Sieves, Tables Feeders, Bowl Feeders, Rotary Vibrators, Geared Motors etc. Bin Activator Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 It is a common experience that most-materials stored in bins. hoppers or silos do not easily flow through discharge opening. When called upon to flow. the materials tend to plug. bridge or rat-hole because of their inherent characteristics environmental conditions or undesirable surrounding vibrations. The conventional solutions employed viz.. electromagnetic vibrators, air/ steam jets pounding on the bin body or even manual packing of material from top or through discharge opening. are largely inefficient, noisy and lead to intermittent and erratic discharge of materials. The use of above techniques results in. Loss of production. Down-time on part of down-stream requirements. Worker fatigue due to additional strenuous work and / or unpleasant vibrator noise. Contamination, dusting and spillage of product. Damage to structure due to repeated heavy pounding. Impaired product quality and down-stream process wherever flow rates and charging time are important. SHREE SHAKTI BIN ACTIVATOR ELIMINATES THESE PROBLEMS TO ASSURE YOU POSITIVE CONTINUOUS FLOW WITHOUT ANY OPERATIONAL HEADACHES.SHREE SHAKTI Bin Activator provides on demand, positive, trouble tree, continuous discharge from storage, of wide range of difficult to handle materials in a variety of densities and particle sizes. Available in pre assembled form. This bin activator is built up of a specially profiled discharge head which is flexibly hung from bin. The gap between the bin and discharge head is sealed by an elastic sleeve.A specially engineered gyrator with matched characteristics imparts powerful vibrations of low amplitude and high frequency to the discharge head and hence to the material but not the bin. The horizontal vibratory thrust unpacks the contained material and throws it towards discharge opening where it falls down easily by gravity. The discharge head resolves the horizontal thrusts into strong vertical impulses which extend far up into main bin to cause loosening of contained material. The whole phenomena is silent and demands very little power and attention. Discharge material continuously at a uniform rate on FIRST IN, FIRST OUT basis without segregation. Material is handled gently without damaging particles. Bin Activator offers and advantage of headroom saving. Unlike static bins, the activator permits cone angle. Hence the use of bin activator results in increased storage capacity. Unlike in cases where compressed air/steam jets are used to loosen the material, use of our bin activator does not cause product contamination, wetting or dusting. Besides saving labor costs. this device consumes minimum power and hence is economical. It is totally reliable. rugged and safe device and is ideally suitable for continuous day-in and day-out operations. It operates quietly with virtually no maintenance. SHREE SHAKTI Bin Activator being available in pre assembled form. can be rapidly installed by bolting/welding on to existing steel or concrete bins of any shape. round or square. The bin activators are available in standard sizes riqht from 300 MM diameter to 3600 MM diameter. The bin activators can be supplied separately or as a self contained ready to operate integrated unit by combining a static bin and a bin activator. This package called as SELF DISCHARGING BIN is available in volumetric capacity ranging from 30 Liters to 20.000 Liters. The SELF DISCHARGING BINS can be designed to be supported on rigid legs or suspended from a suitable structure.Bin Activator units are made of carbon steel. however 304 and 316 stainless steel can also be considered if customer so desires. The external and internal surfaces can be painted with enamel paint. epoxy paint Of any other paint and color of customers choice. Bin Activator are of totally enclosed and non ventilated type and work on 400/440 V. 3PH, 50 C/S. Here any variations in specification can be considered in accordance with the requirements of application. The standard elastic sleeve is made of white food quality neoprene rubber. Bump & Jolt Machine Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 M/s. SHAKTI ENGINEERS have developed and designed the above machine to simulate the conditions experienced on indian roads while dispatching materials by road or to check the quality of material used, in welding,packaging, storeing etc..Various parts, products, components and/or assemblies are tested by the bumps, jolts and vibrations imparted by this machine to the article to be tested.nowadays this machine is used to check the packaged articals, and packages. Due to this, the packaging material, packed items, etc are also tested.The bump is a free fall of 25 mm. (it can be predesigned)The frequency of the bumps is controlled by varying the rotational speed of the cams.this frequency can be changed from 60 to 160 drops per minute by means of the controller. A counter is provided to count the bumps during a particular period, set as required.All components are designed for heavy duty operation by using good quality bearings and metals.This machine is field proven and is a good testing tool for manufacturer’s, who are keen to achieve quality to match international standards.A heavy duty rotary vibrator is provided to impart jolts in the horizontal direction.the frequency of jolts can be changed from 25 to 50 jolts per second /1500 to 3000 per minute.A control panel is provided to supply variable speeds to both the motors seperatly and the values adjusted independly of each other. Speed Enhancer Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:00 +0530 Shakti Engineers are offering Speed Enhancers, now for many pioneering applications.Normally a Gear Box is for reducing the input speed of the prime mover.But Enhancer is doing quite the opposite. i.e. increasing the input speed in a ratio.These applications are now coming up for Irrigation, Scientific experiments etc.Enhancers are preferred to Pulleys, Belts etc. as it is a positive drive and follow a repetitive cycle with less maintains.